Wellcome Library JPEG 2000 Report

JPEG2000 Recommendations for the Wellcome Trust

JPEG2000 is a relatively new image file format, created by the JPEG Committee in 2000. JPEG2000, despite its name, is not a JPEG format, but utilises a clever compression technology that maximises quality while minimizing file sizes.

However, JPEG2000 comes in a variety of "flavours" and comprises 12 "parts", as explained in the JPEG2000 specification.

Seeking to determine exactly which JPEG2000 format to use to meet the aims of long-term storage and accessible delivery services, the Library commissioned a report by Simon Tanner, Director of King's Consultancy Service (KDCS). The report was written in conjunction with Robert Buckley of Xerox Corporation, an expert in the technical specifications of the JPEG2000 format.

The report is vailable here (opens in new window) - http://tiny.cc/sq357

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